The Lustful Colosseum - Chapter 1 - Irongiant9000 (2024)

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Chapter 1: The Colosseum of Lust

The sound of cheering were heard all throughout the underground. As a sword blade and a strange kind of spear were clashing in a flash of sparks.

Monsters of all kinds were all around this massive colosseum, the old stone able to hold massive Ogres, huge Minotaur's, and a plethora of other races such as elves and other mythical creatures that choose to watch the entertainment of this fight.

The Lustful Colosseum welcomes all types of races whether they be as good as knights and squires, to evil or mischievous as orcs and goblins. It didn't matter what allegiances they pledged to as everyone came down to the lowest part of the world for one thing, something that brought all beings together.


Whether it be of riches, glory, or battle those pleasures were always welcome to the Lustful Colosseum with each contestant when they fight. The fighters were always the opposite sex when it comes to fighting down here, and the winner is awarded a couple options to choose down here, picking their guilty pleasure of golden coins, the pleasure of the title and fame to their name, and if they were lucky enough to win ten matches consecutively have the pleasure from getting a wish from the Queen of the stadium herself.

However the one pleasure that ruled above all here, one that was always greatly chosen for this place, and that the queen favors.

It was the pleasure of the flesh.

The sweet musical sounds of carnal mating, of frenzied sex is what made this place come alive, especially to Queen Succubus Salem the Irresistible, Matriarch to Succubus kind.

The woman looked like a goddess of sex appeal as her white alabaster skin was smoother than silk, with matching beautiful white hair that fell down into a curtain down her back.

Red hypnotizing eyes with a dark sclera that could seduce any man with just a stare, hourglass figure with no sag of fat or flab in her large breast and big rump, with smooth legs for days that could lock any man into one of the most pleasurable nights of their lives.

Her attire just screamed sexy as she was wearing a sleek black dress, that left her a ton of cleavage showing for all to see. As a sexy deity she was actually dressed a little modest in her opinion as she didn't show her true form with her wings and black horns sprouted out today.

Yes, she was the queen of this place, this was her domain. Her home and she made the rules around here. It didn't matter if male or female won, sex would be had in the arena and the winner is on top when it came down to it.

And for Salem what better way to watch the future acts of sex and f*cking in her Colosseum then a front row seat to the action called "The Queen's Lovebox". The area in which she sits on her throne, watching the masses have sex for not only her enjoyment but to feed her strength.

Yes life as the queen of sexual appetite and lust was amusing here, as her powers grow strong with each sexual encounter that happens in the ring. All of her enjoyment coming from the primal acts of reproduction.

However while the sexual debauchery was nice and all, the demon goddess had a little bit of a problem currently. Something that was spoiling her fun a little bit.

Well... it come be summed up to someone, but it was semantics to her all the same.

It was nothing too alarming, but definitely something that could ruin the entertainment for her and all of her wonderful audience that want to see the acts of sexual pleasure.

Now she remembers what tribe this Belladonna came from! This was one of the Neko tribe warriors on the island of Gato, these kitties were definitely fine warriors bred from the toughest of males and the most hornie*st of females, but right now she was being a thorn in her side.

Thinking about these horny felines she couldn't help but go down memory lane during her younger years. Usually Salem knew them as lustful little kittens if she remembers correctly.

Most of those beastkin were. She recalled when she visited these horny cats in her younger years. During that era she was moving around in life as a free spirit during her younger days as a 5000 year old demon woman.

She thought she saw some age in her Succubus body. But she was far from haggard, in fact she always said that with age 'c*ms' experience.

Draining the sexual life energy of the Neko men and women as they were definitely tasty morsels of pleasure for her. The men and women alike always shot off like geysers when she was done with them, bathing her in precious mana and sexual energy. It was definitely a euphoric time for her, and her thoughts were excited and remembered one little tidbit that gave her the idea to create the Succubus Love Potion that she had created.

Salem saw it with her own eyes, the feline's, they would drink this created mineral concoction that she saw them make to up their fertility and to strengthen their heat period. It was designed to make the males cum harder inside the females they mated, supercharging their refraction periods and helped the poor horny males for more sperm milking, sucking out all the gooey genes that were inside their co*cks and balls and making the transfers to their destination guaranteed for pregnancy for their chosen females.

Needless to say when it was all said and done, Salem watched something magical that day. She was around to see sex all around the island that day, the energy of sex actually so pungent that it was flowing into her by just observing the amazing coitus around her. The smacking and moaning of all of those kitties were a symphony of pleasure that she didn't mind hearing again and again.

Her Succubus powers were definitely turbo charged that day, in fact one a particular couple of Black eared kitty cats sexually charged her to maximum power with their f*cking. The female was relentless in milking the big male cat of every drop of cum. The sex was so good in her ears, that even she wanted to join in giving the male and female pair the pleasure of a goddess.

But in the end, she already had her fill of cum and energy. Especially when absorbing all of that sexual energy around her with her other partners. She was just too full that week and couldn't take anymore.

Oh well, it was a missed opportunity. As when she came back, the big male and small female were life mates together, and she wasn't about to become a homewrecker.

Sure she was a Succubus, but she had some standards at least.

When she left the island though, she couldn't help but remember that day of mating on that fateful day. The memory of that mating night always seemed to make her body hot, having needs to take care of herself on those lonely nights.

But that was a long time ago, when her status of Goddess of Succubus was only a whisper on the wind to horny travelers. Now she is queen of her Lustful Colosseum. After that trip down memory lane she heard a cry of pain and a loud thud from the ground.

She looked down at the battlefield and only sighed her frustration. The rouge male sword warrior was now held at spear point on the ground by the deadly tribal beauty, signifying the male's defeat.

"The match is over as the Panther Queen Blake Belladonna is on a roll with her 5th consecutive win over her male opponent. Now that the battle is over which pleasure will you be taking today?"One of Salem's daughters, Cinder a raven haired Succubus announced down on the field to the winner.

"I will choose riches today." The Neko woman said. The option made the queen scowl, but nonetheless she followed through on her promise of gold coins to the cat woman.

"There you have it folks! With another match under her belt the Panther Queen is one step closer to her prize from Mistress Salem. Is there no one else that can stop her?"The raven haired Succubus said out to the monster filled crowd." Now on to the next match!"As soon as she announced the next two combatants, the midnight haired demon teleported back to the box to where her mother sat, tired of announcing the fighters for the day.

"Another day, another win for that smug cat." Cinder grumbled out her frustration, this kitten was a tough battler. One that was starting to get on her nerves.

"Cinder my child." Salem's voice cut through the sound of the crowd jeering and yelling. Cinder heard the soft sounded voice of her mother, but the raven haired woman knew that tone of voice...

She sounded upset and definitely displeased currently.

"Yes mother." Cinder did not waver in her voice, as she knew that weakness would be exploited.

"These males that you've tried gathering... are beyond pathetic." Salem's face shifted from her usual calm demeanor to a look of frustration and disgust.

"Is there no male warrior that you have found that could put the puss* cat in her place?" He dark red sclera eyes narrowed into sharp slits. "The last three male warriors she has defeated were quite pitiful. Are you telling me you can't charm better warriors to fight and give me what I want from them?" Salem now raising her voice towards the brunette haired succubus woman her hands balled into tight fists thanks to her anger.

Cinder's attire showed plenty of skin and midriff, with showing off a sort of battle bikini dressed in black, red, and orange along with matching battle thong. The demoness screamed sexy with her smokey black sclera and dark orange eyes. curved black horns on her head, crimson wings on her back and spade tail on her backside.

Coupled with a figure with massive breasts, juicy thighs, and an ass that won't quit, she was a sad*stic demon of the night that would seduce any man to give their essence to her, their very lives if given the chance to ravage her body.

"No lady Salem, but I assure you that there is a male competitor to match her. In fact..." The dark haired demon woman said. She used her magic to put a magic projection to show her mother the opponent she intends to fetch.

However when the white haired sex queen saw him, she only let out a scoff and laughed. "Ha! You want to use him?"

The vision showed the imagine of a young looking blond young man with messy hair. The young lad appeared to be scrawny in Salem's opinion. But he appeared to be a sort of knight from the Order of Ozmis. Wearing a watered down version of paladin armor with white and gold, but some of the color rusted to signify that it was almost nothing more than useless scrap on his body.

"Heh... those old fools would recruit anyone these days."She thought. Though Salem knew of this warrior, the boy's name was Jaune Arc and she remembered the pitiful display of a fight he had against the feline warrior, taking him down with ease a couple of months back in a match down here in her colosseum.

The boy barely looked like he could fight and it was almost a disgrace to even call as such, if anything it seemed like the gods of comedy and tragedy were working together that day to make an entire cinema show and now her daughter Cinder thought that could put up a worthy challenge against someone like Blake Belladonna.

"Yes mother. I can assure you that he will bring you victory and you will obtain what you desire." Cinder trying to convince the queen. However Salem didn't think that was true in the slightest.

"Belladonna was running circles around him last time, what is going to change in the span of four months if this Jaune fights again." Salem asked, looking at the old vision of the fighter. Before Cinder waved away the energy projection, fading away like a purple smoke.

Then she pulled a scroll between her massive breasts, handing it to her Mistress. "I was given this message from the young man himself. It said that he's a much different warrior from last time and is now ready to fight for glory once more." The white skinned woman opened the scroll and peered at what it said.

Mostly it was about the request to fight the cat tribal warrior once more in combat, this time marking the skills and weaponry he had earned in his apparent long journey. As Salem's eyed continued to read, she couldn't help but be impressed the more she continued to read this message.

Apparently the young man has improved as he now has access to light magic abilities that could counterattack the shadows and other dark magic techniques. Just then, a bright torch lit over Salem's head and naughty smirk was now on her face from her new idea.

"Um... Mistress?" Cinder noticed the sudden change on her mother's face, she hasn't really seen this kind of expression though, but for some reason it was making her squirm in place.

Its almost like when she finds the perfect plaything to drain of sexual energy. That was as close as Cinder could compare, but Salem's was full of an evil, malicious feeling before returning to her calm usually bored looking demeanor.

"Have your sisters help you find this man. Seek him out, I want you to invite him back personally to the arena. He will be Belladonna's next opponent in the next two weeks." Salem explained as she looked down to see the next match starting. The younger Succubus nodded the confirmation and went to go find Neo and Emerald and find the young lad.

"And Cinder..." Salem went to add, the younger woman looked towards her mother and saw her red dark eyes looking at her in expectation.

"Yes mother?" The younger Succubus looked completely calm and poised, but on the inside she was definitely nervous.

"You'd better be right about this warrior, or else..." Salem's eye glowing a crimson red as smokey projections of her true form showed from her throne. "There will be consequences. Understood?"

"Acknowledged mother." The dark haired woman bowed, as she quickly made her way back towards one of the inside comfort rooms of the colosseum.

"Emerald. Neo. I need you here now." Cinder called out into the room.

In a few seconds a dark violet purple portal was in front of Cinder and in front of her were two attractive looking succubus, one that was dark skinned with green hair with decent sized C-cup breasts to woo the opposite or same sex, and wearing a battle armored light green bra and panties attire with seductive red eyes that had dark sclera, dark green and black wings, and a black heart shaped tail with short hair. This was Emerald, Cinder's follower and fellow sister in arms.

The shorter one with pink and brown hair mixed into each other, she was extremely short, almost to a dwarf's height. But her body proportions were huge for a demon woman of her height as she had massive DD-tit* and a fat ass that men would drool over. Her eyes were light playful pink and the other a dark chocolate brown to with dark sclera to give off a sexy playful look in the troublemaker. With pale creamy skin that was flawless, dark black wings on the outside with a soft pink on the inside and a dark brown spade tail. This was Neo, another of Salem's children and definitely the most mischievous of the three.

Together they were the Succubus Sisters, men's ultimate conquest and their ultimate nightmare at the same time.

"Neo." Cinder said to the shortstack midget. "I need you to find this man." She conjured up the previous image of the blond knight, Jaune Arc. "Tell him that a previous challenge is waiting for him in the Lustful Colosseum and that Queen Salem has requested his presence for this bout." Cinder said, but the long haired mute only shook her head as she didn't want to complete the request.

"Too much of a hassle. Not enough in it for me."Cinder heard the midget use her telepathy. Most of the time the short Succubus probed the mind and talked to people via the mind. Her actual voice was too powerful for her to talk. It would put men in a hypnotic lustful frenzy in minutes.

"This challenge cannot be denied sister, mother said so herself. Otherwise we are all to be punished. " The small sexy girl just stuck her tongue out from the order. But after being stared down by her big sister Cinder, she let out an airy sigh and nodded her head. "Thank you, now go and send the message." Neo only waved her hand up in a sloppy salute and teleported away to complete the task quickly.

"Emerald, come with me. You are going to give the little kitty a message from her former challenger." Cinder explained.

"Understood Cinder." The two walking inside of the colosseum walls, formulating a quick plan.

The sounds of her footsteps were the only thing that she focused on as the tribal feline warrior made her way back towards the staging area with the other female contestants of this colosseum.

Blake Belladonna considers herself a proud warrior of Gato Island, her dark purple battle armor that was a shoulder less breastplate that went down to her hips.

She had the breastplate crossed sectioned with leather to keep it in place with some leather armor protecting her shoulders. Her arms had small armored pads to protect her forearms to attack.

The feline warrior also had a shorts with a loincloth combo to keep her mobility free and flexibility, with open wide slits on her upper legs to show her juicy thighs, and had leg wrappings down her combat boots.

While she didn't really break a sweat fighting, her slightly tanned skin was lightly shining from the movement that she did. It definitely highlighted her black tattoo markings on her thighs and cleavage area, her thighs having the symbol of her family, a raging inferno on both of her legs, with black markings on her upper chest.

Her long flowing hair black hair, eyes colored a shining amber gold, swishing a long black tail on her lower black, and black ears with one golden ring earring in the right one. Completing the appearance of the beautiful, deadly feline warrior.

Her 'fight' if she could even call it that was against a rouge named Russel. His prattle was just like the other morons that she'd fought weeks back. A certain meathead she crushed in the start of her career and another boisterous loud swordsman that got tied like the pig he was.

The last one two weeks ago was named Sky the Halberd Knight. The idiot boasted that when he was going to win against her, he just said was just going to absolutely ruin her slu*tty looking body f*ck her like the useless animal that she was and all she was used for was breeding stock.

Well after those colorful words and the match begun let's just say the name Sky was definitely warranted as the cat warrior woman sent him flying with his nuts bashed in.

Some knight he was. You'd think they'd have a little bit more chivalry for a lady like herself, even if she is beastkin.

But regardless, Blake couldn't really care less about the insults or even less than stellar fighters she had been taking on the past weeks or today. At least it was done quickly and efficiently with her trusty duplication shadow magic. The cloaked man could do nothing against her, especially with his measly speed wind boosting form of magic.

She will admit, rogue did trip her up with his aerial attack and surprise wind magic.

But after her clones came out the match was already in the bag as they confused and diverted his attention, giving her ample chance to disarm him and knock him out of the sky.

A pity, she thought it would be more challenging but hey another win for the Gato island tribe and her feline race!

Also while the last couple of colosseum matches were a bit boring, she couldn't help but admit that the coin was good.

Much better than some of those high and mighty mercenary groups that she had to put up with, think their too good to give her a pay raise on bounties.

Freaking racists that's what they were.

The feline warrior finally made it to the observation and readying room after going up a flight of stairs. Immediately when she was in the room, hearing heard a hearty chuckle and saw one of her friends that she had travel with before.

"Good old panther girl! That little man didn't even stand a ghost of a chance against your might!" Yang, an ogre Oni woman of huge proportions went up to the smaller feline woman giving her a smack on the back on a job well done, despite clearly seeing the cat woman's annoyance.

Her friend was a giant Oni woman that was massive, being at least seven foot tall woman in height and stature.

Her top half of her light red body would of been completely exposed if there wasn't white tape wrappings tightened on her large tit* and muscular arms, binding them so she wouldn't pop out in the middle of the fight. With a dark red prayer bead necklace hanging on her neck. Yellow and red baggy pants covered the muscular giant's powerful lower half.

With her wild blond hair fanning out everywhere, with two red horns sticking out and purple eyes full of fire. The giant woman has an air of wildness and strength about her.

"It was quite boring in my opinion, but his wind magic could use some work." Blake responded.

"Yes, that foolish oaf thought that wind magic could stop your clones... Ha! Laughable, especially with how low level the strength of those spells were." A long eared girl with a blue colored mage robe and hat covering her head.

Blake's other 'friend' that she usually traveled with from time to time as well was white haired elf witch named Weiss, a well known mage in the Magic Academy of Sorcery.

Her family lineage and bloodline were known for spells of high caliber, particular in the elemental variety such a pyromancy, cryomancy, and geomancy.

"Tch! Take a chill pill Ice Queen. Not everyone has those fancy books that can shoot out a firestorm at the drop of a hat and hypnotize others to do their bidding." Yang shot back with toothy sharp smirk.

"Then your boorish self should consider educating that empty head of yours." Weiss said, as she was looking at one of her earth tomes for more knowledge, getting a smaller one with a red cover to show say 'Fire Spells For The Magically Challenged. " I would greatly consider you to read this Xiao Long. You may never know it could save you from being a baby maker here." Weiss shook the little booklet toward the woman.

"Pass. What's the fun of fighting if all you do is runaway and chuck spells all day, instead of doing what your supposed and punch the daylights out of them." The ogre woman said punching the air a couple of times.

"Hmph...Ogres. Always thinking with their muscles and never the one that truly matters." The elf girl turned her attention to her the feline warrior, and offered the small tome to her with a smile. "I'm sure a fellow book enjoyer like yourself would find this useful."

But the feline warrior pushed her hand out to decline, "Not my kind of book, I prefer a more... story driven touch." Blake told her. Which only caused the white haired elf to roll her eyes on that comment. She and to some extent Yang already knew what kind of 'books'.

"The society of mages always told us that books were knowledge." Weiss said, narrowing her blue eyes in disgust. "But the only thing that your type of reading does is excite perverts like yourself." But Blake waved it off, she was a little insulted by the elf girls taunt, but it wasn't anything that she hadn't heard before from Weiss.

It is true that she likes to read the more spicy and risky literature when she goes into to town. While Blake could blame some of that to her natural mating instincts that were showing their ugly head right now, she'd be lying about that as that wasn't entirely the case.

The feline woman just loved a good story with sex in it when reading. Romance books were a guilty pleasure to read when she was growing up on the island of Gato, and in her opinion the more 'passionate' the author was the better the material it was to... get in the mood.

"I mean come on... who hasn't thought about rubbing themselves once in a while."Surely these two would understand wanting to get off.

Hell, just thinking about the action made her core quiver in need. The thought of a rugged man or an actual knight in shining armor showing up, taking her in passion on satin sheets, or even giving her a rough f*cking on the arena floor to put her in her place just sounded heavenly.

It was even more naughty if it did happen in the ring for all of those voyeurs to watch, her master showing all of those monster who she truly belonged to.

Goddesses it just made her slit moist from the dirty depraved sh*t she thought of.

But the black haired woman just shook off those feelings for now, she knew her mating season was not too far off, a month from now if she remembered correctly and already she was feeling a little frisky.

"Alright alright enough of that book reading talk you bookworms. Let's go see who's winning in the fight right now! This new girl with long purple hair was talking a big game, but she's up against a minotaur man. I wanna see if she's actually all that!" The ogre woman waved them over towards their lower balcony to see the fight up close.

"Seems there is nothing else better to do until our fights are up, and here I thought get into an intelligent conversation." Weiss said with a bored tone. "Instead I get pelted about our usual conversations of physical violence and talks of gross smut." The elf woman walked to balcony.

Blake couldn't help but chime in there, "Hey! Not everything I read is about smut you short brat!" The cat woman went to follow her friends.

She went to the balcony to hear the cheering as the ground of the arena was moved. She heard the roar of the male minotaur warrior, and the cry of his female opponent as she sent sky high. Unfortunately this girl didn't have as advanced recovery skills as the feline warrior.

So she hit the ground hard. Blake and other two noticed the girl to be a sort of elf ranger with olive eyes and purple hair, she had a crossbow in her hand and from what Blake could smell it had the scent of sweet, but useful fruit called a Para Berry.

Blake sometimes use the juice in them, she marks her spear with the stuff whenever she needed to take out dozens of goblins down without incident. They do an excellent job locking up the muscles as it goes through your bloodstream.

The paralysis would last for hours, but it seems that the ranger elf girl was having trouble. Because as soon as she recovered she started firing away at the big bull. But the big guy just blocked with its iron brace, the covered arrows uselessly hitting the brace.

"Looks like one of your kind is having some trouble, princess." Yang commented.

"Quite, and don't call me that. " Weiss responded. "If only she listened to my warnings about this arena before hand, she wouldn't of been in this situation." Weiss said as she continued to see her struggle as crossbow was knocked out of her hands, and thus had to pull out two thin blades from her sheathe and started fighting with those.

"But of course that elf blade dancer pride got the best of her, she should of studied more and learned that electricity would work well against these hulking bulls, and that they are smarter than they look." Weiss sighed out, seeing the minotaur warrior able to keep up with the purple haired woman as he blocked and parried each strike.

"Do you know her?" Blake asked.

"Yes unfortunately, Nebula is her name. She was traveling with a bunch of other humans." The elf girl said. After a couple of more strikes, the bull man had enough as he went for a massive headbutt into the ground to make stone pillars rise to hit the elf woman.

This time the purple haired elf girl lost her blades from the powerful strike, tossing the girl and lifting her up into the air. After of couple of seconds her form crashed into the ground and she wasn't getting up, her form sprawled across the ground and panting.

The massive bull man easily pinned her arms to the ground and the gong had sounded.

"And it looks like the newcomer has been overtaken by Brutus the Minotaur. The match is over and the male has claimed victory!"Cinder announced.

Cheers all around had colosseum stands had been heard, most of the regulars including the monsters knew what was about to happen, the anticipation was killing everyone, male and female alike.

"So Brutus, what pleasure will you be partaking in?"Cinder said with seductive smirk, she knew exactly what these beasts wanted, they wanted sex show and she herself couldn't wait to feel the beautiful energy from said show.

The minotaur man only looked down at the defeated elf woman and could only smirk, his opponent was definitely attractive and he had been backed up pretty recently.

"Flesh." The deep tone of the bull man spoke out loud. The crowd cheered in excitement, everyone roaring for the 'fun' to begin.

Cinder then handed a pink liquid that was in a sort of vial towards the bull man. The minotaur wasted no time and quickly took the pinned Nebula, raised the smaller looking woman and raised the concoction towards the woman's lips. She weakly turned away, but the cheering crowd were chanting the words 'drink' over and over again. With no escape and to accept her loss, she drank the milky potion concoction.

The crowd watched in awe as the effects were slowly showing. Her already tattered battle garments of cloth were tearing in her chest and thighs area. Her breast were expanding and ripping through fabric as the purple haired woman's body felt hot.

The large bull monster tore the rest of the lower fabric to show off her thighs plumping up, her hips becoming more thick and curvy. Her long purple hair loose and wavy down to her back and covering her sizeable ass.

But the prize he truly wanted was the rapidly heated up snatch in between her legs. His giant fingers teasing Nebula's opening. Thanks to the effect of the potion she couldn't help but spread her legs slightly to let her opponent soothe her now heated ache. His fingers dipping in to feel her c*nt slippery with sticky juices, knowing that she was ready to be taken.

Lining her up in front of him, his loincloth had a huge tent from the tension and teasing, but it couldn't hide the massive bull co*ck it was covering. The heated Nebula was panting in arousal and need, whining with the need to be soothed from her heated nightmare.

A need to be f*cked and bred hard.

Her cries made the monsters and other watchers roar in cheer as Nebula was f*cked senseless by the horny bull. Her olive eyes were quickly rolling back as her climax was rapidly approaching thanks to this minotaur stud and the potion making her body more sensitive, her breasts swinging from the crack of his mighty hips.

Back up at the stands, the three travel girls were watching various emotions. One with excitement, another in disgust, and the last one... something else.

"Yeah! You go Brutus! Breed that elf puss*. You earned it man!" Yang the ogre oni hooted in excitement, before turning towards the disgruntled Weiss. "Your elf friend is definitely getting a dicking down there magey. She's gonna be carrying triplets after he's done with her." A small blush showing on her face with a smile. The Orge girl was smiling in from arousal as her purple eyes peered down on a candidate to f*ck if the bull gets any stronger. He definitely was a contender in Yang's eyes that's for sure.

"This is disgusting. I can't believe this is part of this awful arena." The white haired elf scrunched her face up and turned away with a hot blush on her face, refusing to watch a fellow elf getting plowed by this meathead.

"Well Weissy you know the rules of this place." The orge girl said. "Its fair play on all sides if us strong women want to f*ck the guys, we can give them that same potion for their sperm to more virile." The Oni girl rubbing her thighs from this steamy breeding in place and the hot image of getting f*cked like that elf girl.

"This is revolting! She is being forcefully taken against her will, and all you can do is act like a horny degenerate!" Weiss shouted at the shameless Oni girl.

"Your just jealous that your sexy purple haired friend is getting that meat cleaver shoved into her and your stuck with your magic stick to pleasure yourself with." The Oni girl said with snark.

"I am not jealous you troll!" Weiss quickly being insulted from the insinuation. "I am just commenting about why I think this is detestable!"

"Oh? Then why do I see your leg leaking right now?" Yang asked with a teasing tone.

"It is not! My legs are doing no such thing you pervert!" Weiss hotly replied back, nudging her legs together tight and with a massive blush on her pale face. Which only got Yang to bark out in laughter as she continued to enjoy the show.

"Regardless if you are leaking or not." That comment got a growl of anger out of the white haired. "Everyone knows how rewarding the colosseum is for us gals, those Succubus pay us like royalty if we keep winning. The gamblers love betting on all three of us and the more they bet on me, the fatter my pocket will be for some booze!" She cheered.

"We all know the risk as they tell us before we compete, and know the risk of those frisky males out there ready to get us knocked up gravid. So why worry about it?" Which got a scoff from the mage from that logic. While Yang had a point, she still didn't like seeing this side of the arena.

"Doesn't mean I like said risks." Weiss rubbing her stomach from the implication and sighing out. "But like I said, I warned Nebula about this arena, told her to stay away from fighting in this ring because of the risks and what does she immediately do?" Weiss gesturing towards the two f*cking like animals in heat, as the bull man now switched from the full nelson to a carry f*ck position. The elf woman moaning like a sow in heat as she kept squirting on Brutus's co*ck, the bull man was not done yet but his co*ck was flexing to show he was getting to his finish soon.

"Now she's going to be carrying baby younglings soon." Weiss said, as Brutus was groaning out in pleasure.

"Well Brutus does tend to cum like a high powered faucet." Yang recalled another time he won. "Remembered one time the bull beat one of Blake's kind, Neon or something was her name. Anyways, he filled up that puss* so much that she looked six months pregnant already." The girl said as she looked towards the silent third member of their little group. "Blake was there to see that fight, weren't you kitten?" She said to the midnight colored feline warrior, hoping to get a response.

However their was none as both the girls looked towards the girl.

Blake was in another world right now as she continued to watch the raunchy coitus with upmost attention. Her yellow feline colored eyes were narrowed into slits.

The woman could see how hot this f*cking was clearly, having the best vision of the three, as she saw the steamy sex. Her loins soaked from how the Minotaur's co*ck stretched out that tight elf puss*. Her hot honey glazing that meat in sweet liquid nectar, a sort of appreciation for how it was being cured from the potions effects.

Her ears couldn't help but hear the symphony of sex, as the needy, slu*tty moans and the desperate sounds of 'More!' and 'Keep f*cking me!' played like a repeating mantra. As she heard the sexy grunts and groaning from that sexy bull stud.

"f*ck..." That smokey whisper she let out came out of her mouth from instinct, and while she had seen this happen before to other contestants. Since this was pretty close to her mating period, this was definitely doing something for her.

Her hand snaked down underneath her loincloth, touching her weeping slit that had definitely gotten moist from the skin slapping coitus. The feline girl couldn't help rubbing her puss*, fingers putting a slight small relief as she rubbed her the top of her opening. Her pink pearl of a cl*t, the little sensitive numb giving her shockwaves of pleasure as she continued watching.

Her naughty thoughts could only give her the images of her taking the place of that cheap elf slu*t. In her opinion she's wasting a good, bulky co*ck by being a dead f*ck. If she was on that bull dick, she'd be grinding her hips to milk that big stud, backing her meaty ass up to pleasure that dick, so when the time comes...

She noticed that Brutus threw his head back and groaned hard. Blake couldn't help but cream herself right then and there as the bull finally finished off Nebula, with a nice gooey filling of his sperm after a finishing thrust.

Blake's body shivered, Brutus looked like he let out an entire gallon as the purple haired elf girl squealed out in pleasure, her stomach doming out from the creamy payload of the Minotaur's balls. Shot after thick shot making its home into the elf dancer's c*nt, the bull's cum making its home into her womb and for his sperm to search and dig into her eggs that were released thanks to the concoction

After a couple of minutes of milking his shaft, the Minotaur was finally finished with its climax, quickly pulling out of the girl's tight puss*. The aftermath was definitely a messy affair with bunch of seed leaking from the elf girl's opening like a flowing river, Blake noticed that Nebula's hanging out and her breath coming out in pants. She definitely had a f*cked silly expression as her eyes were almost rolled back into her head from brutal bull breeding.

Brutus set her down gently, her pale body twitching from the f*cking she received. The girl let out a tired huff from the wonderful sex, her mind was in another world and surprisingly satisfied from the way the stud just rocked her world. She wouldn't ever forget an experience like this.

Especially after the rough f*cking was all said and done, the changes to Nebula's body didn't stop. As her hips were gaining a motherly shape, her thighs getting thicker from her body's change. Nebula's breast were expanding with milk, her areola and nipples growing larger with the skin of the sensitive parts becoming a darker shade of pink. The biggest surprise however to the new watchers was Nebula's belly.

Despite the copious amount cum that leaked out, her stomach should of deflated to its normal slim shape. However thanks to the Succubus potion and some help from Brutus's virile sperm, The sexually pleasured Nebula was instantly impregnated and the effects already put her through the first part of her pregnancy, with the two-thirds of it left to go. The purpled haired elf girl couldn't help but rub at her belly in her haze, giggling from and somewhat giddy from becoming a mother suddenly.

She let out a sudden yelp as she was lifted up in a bridal carry from Brutus, cuddling up to her opponent as he walked her back towards the exit since she was definitely feeling boneless.

Blake was panting now, as she watched that lustful show, her tail was twitching like mad and wagging rapidly with her juices going down tattooed thighs, her body feeling hot all over and her mind in a daze. Fantasies running wild of her being in that arena, losing to her opponent and being made into baby carrier for some rough and tough male.

"Blake... Blaaaaake." She faintly heard a voice, but couldn't help her shameless moans coming out of her mouth as she continued to rub her slit.

"BLAKE!" The shout now right in her face, and definitely loud enough to hurt her ears. Finally her yellow eyes finally snapped out of her horny thoughts and her head looked towards her two compatriots near her, with Yang right in her face and Weiss a little farther away from the currently masturbating feline warrior.

"Jeez was the sex that good that you had to finger your puss* kitten?" The ogre girl laughed out at the panting mess, the raven haired girl turning toward the elf mage to see her turn away with her nose scrunched up in disgust.

"Revolting! Doing your perverted antics in front of us, have you no shame!?" Blake definitely felt embarrassed from that little episode, raising her hand to see a web of sticky fluids that came from her. Trying to wipe her hand clean of her own arousal by smearing it on her loincloth.

"Sorry. I don't know what came over me..." The feline told them. However Blake knew exactly what this was, as her mating period was just around the corner and she definitely could feel the heat of her body getting her ready. "I... I think I'm about go into heat pretty soon." With a hot blush coming to rest on her cheeks. Both the girls looking at her with a bit of curiosity.

"You gonna be alright?" The big yellow haired ogre girl asked.

"I should be fine... I think." The feline warrior replied back.

"You think?" The white haired elf asked with her eyebrow raised. "In my opinion you should sit out the next couple of weeks to get this under control." Weiss advised.

"No. Out of the question." She needed to keep her winning streak up, the rules state that in order to keep your streak going, you needed to continue to show up and win in the arena.

Plus she really wanted that wish from the Succubus Queen. The knowledge of her tribes hidden relics were paramount to her. Her curiosity burned like a torch as she wondered where her ancestors settled prior to Gato Island, she knew they traveled around the world of Remnant. They were wanderers at heart, but she knew that it went deeper than that.

She just needed to find the locations of these relics.

Luckily Blake was able to track down a reliable archeologist that had studied about her people. The man known as Oobleck definitely was knowledgeable about ancient civilizations in past time eras here on this planet.

While he had valuable information about certain places that had already been discovered, she knew that wasn't all their was to it. That hidden temples and settlements were still out there.

There had to be more, but unfortunately he didn't have any idea about anymore ruins or artifacts, leading her to a dead end.

However, the man told Blake about a certain place to get information that could be useful to her, but only if she wins ten times in a competition.

Which led her to the Lustful Colosseum and why she had been fighting for the past couple of months, to find the anwser she needed.

"That's the spirit kitty! Fight through your temptations, like a real warrior!" Yang shouted, making Weiss cover her ear and rub it from irritation.

"No need to shout you brute I'm right here!" In which Yang scoffed, and causing the white haired elf to sigh in defeat, and turn back towards Blake. "If that's the case then I may just have an idea to keep your mating season under control to have you continue with this foolish win streak." She reached into her robes to pull out a piece of paper and handed to the feline woman.

"What is it?" Blake opened it up to see a word named "Glacior Potion", with a little picture of a blue potion with a snowflake inside the blue liquid.

"That is a potion that we make to assist human females and other beastkin mammals. It helps dull the feeling of their period or fertile window when it starts flaring up for them. It works on the usual mammals and other races such as yourself." Weiss explained. "It'll help you resist your temptations and the cool down the warmth in your body, but you will still feel the urges to mate." The mage girl explained.

"That's all it can do?" Blake questioned, feeling a little discouraged.

"Never said elven medicine was an immediate cure all." The mage shrugged, which only made Blake deflate.

It was good as she was going to get for now.

"Alright, so where is this potion?" The cat warrior asked.

"One of my mentors that is a good friend of me and my family is a Druid Healer, his name is Klein. He has studied in the art of alchemy for potion crafting and the healing arts, you just have to travel to my home village of Nefenor to obtain the potion." Weiss said.

"Can't you just transport the potion using your spell bird?" Yang said, getting in on the conversation.

But Weiss only shook her head. "No, we do not just transport random potions. Our spell birds would be targeted by other monsters and poachers so they can obtain rare and valuable items. Recently they have been attacked and our elders have said to call off delivering items. So now you'll have to make a stop towards the forest lands and go get it." Blake groaned out, that would definitely be a week journey at best.

"Well its all I the help I can offer Blake, its either that or you sit and suffer through your fertile month with the urge to copulate." Weiss told the girl.

"Alright. But I'll be honest, I think me going alone for this is the better plan." Blake explained. "Plus, I need to search some potential ruins for more artifacts." She needed to go back to a specific location, perhaps she wasn't searching hard enough.

"Well before you leave kitty cat." Yang grabbing and dragging Weiss towards her other friend in a sort of hug, putting her hands on both of their shoulders in good cheer. "Let's hit up the local bar before you set off! I've been dying for nice ale before going back on the road!"

"Let go of me at once Yang!" Weiss still squirming in the bigger woman's grip.

"Ah don't be a sourpuss Weissy, let's all drink our troubles away after our matches." Yang nudging the angry white haired elf. Though she mumbled through her gritted teeth about ogre's and their lack of tack and sophistication, she had to admit a nice batch of wine would be a refreshing drink to have when she tasted victory. "What about you Blake? Are you in?"

The feline woman still felt her body being warm from her recent rubbing, but for now it seemed to let go of her for the moment, as her mind had finally calmed down from her arousal spell. "Sure, I won't mind a couple of drinks." Blake could use a little alcoholic pick me up. Especially to take her mind off of the coming mating period.

With that said, she decided to go back inside the Colosseum walls, as there was a slight intermission.

"Hey kitty, where you heading off to?" Yang asked.

"Yes, the next match is about to start and we will be up after this next one." Weiss sai

"Just... gonna go get some privacy for a minute." Blake said. "Don't worry, I won't be missing your matches. There's just this... thing I need to take care of in regarding one of my books." The feline woman reassured them both, before going back into the stone walls of the building.

"Tch.. perverted feline." The elf mage tsked.

"Ah don't worry about it too much magey." Yang said, "Let's just get back to the fights!"

After walking into the stone halls for a couple of seconds, the feline warrior noticed the walking tank that was Brutus, still carrying the bubbly looking Nebula as the giggling pale elf girl was kissing his chest and muttering 'more' as the proud Minotaur warrior only chuckled and squeezed the purple haired woman's ass, causing her to squeal as they both walked past.

Blake couldn't help but stare at the two the bull man took his prized woman and decided to duck into one of the bedrooms to most likely... continue where they left off.

The heat that had subsided came back as she smelled the scent of a fresh f*ck off of both of their bodies. The mixing aromas playing and taunting her senses, trying to lead her to fall into the lustful spell of sex.

He black tail wagged and twitched as she was about to reach down and give her slit another round of sensational rubbing, with her other hand grabbing her sensitive flesh on her tit*.

"Blake Belladonna." However the voice that she heard made her quickly stop what she was about to do, the feline warrior looked behind her back to see a dark skinned Succubus with green hair.

"Who are you?" Blake questioned with red cheeks full on display.

That was strange... she didn't hear this demon's footsteps until she was directly behind her, that early heat must be dulling her reflexes.

"I am Emerald, however who I am is not important to you." The green haired woman said, as she pulled out a message between her generous breasts. "What is important is this message that we had received from a challenger you fought in the past. Someone of the name Jaune Arc."

Blake remembered that name. He was actually her second opponent she fought here in the arena. In all honesty he was pretty pathetic in the ring, but out of all of the combatants he was at least a bit more respectful compared to the so called 'knights' that she had fought previously.

"What about him?" Blake asked.

"Well its this message he sent to us, something about a rematch against you to prove that he has improved." Emerald explained to the feline warrior.

That was surprise to her, Blake thought after that ass kicking that obtained in the arena she thought the young man would have called it quits

"Along with something about some ruins he found during his travels. Blond said he found some statues of certain felines or something." Blake's ears perked up from that comment.

Ruins? Worship statues? Maybe that could be a clue to another area she had not discovered.

"Either way, since he wasn't interested in some fun times with me or any of my sisters. I decided to just give you this message and just be on my way, take it with what you will." Emerald explained, giving the scroll to Blake and then walking away from her and going up some stairs.

The cat woman looked at the message with a sort of giddiness and quickly opened to see what he said to her.

"Dear Beastkin warrior. I, Jaune of the noble knighted family of the Arc name, challenge you once again in combat for my grievous failure that was our last bout. While my pride was crushed and humiliation vast, I wish to correct that mistake and offer a wager that I think you would find interesting and could benefit you."Blake read out, seeing his challenge.

"As my pride as a knight and title as Arc on the line. If you choose to come to blows with me once more in the arena in the next two weeks and happen to defeat me, I will lead you to a location that I had found in my adventures that could be linked to your heritage that might be of some interest to you."Blake eyes widened, how did this guy even know about what she wanted?

He had barely knew her, and the only time they have met from her memory was from her match against him.

This seemed a little bit fishy to her, almost like it could be a trap of some kind. It doesn't make sense that he would know her goal.

So why is he telling her of these ruins?

She shook her head, Blake had more time to think about this a little later.

"Be warned though, if you choose to accept this fight I will not be the same warrior you have beaten months ago. You will definitely have to work for your prize, but if you are victorious I will gladly take you to this land by myself and that is an Arc's promise."Blake scoffed at his little joke, his threat didn't seem too threatening in her eyes.

As much as the young man may have improved, he still wouldn't be a match for her fighting prowess and skills with her spear and shadow clone abilities.

"I wish you luck in your other endeavors and will be glad to hear of your response if you choose to fight me once more."She saw his signature to show his legit claim, as it had the handwriting of a nobleman.

Blake closed the message up and was now in a deep thought, a potential feline ruins that was ripe for exploring.

All the feline warrior had to do is defeat this wimp from a couple months back and then she could have access to another civilization that was once ruled by her ancestors, numerous amount of history, artifacts that could be magical in nature or even significant to her kinds culture.

The choice was obvious, she needed to fight this Jaune Arc once again.

While the claim of his discovery could be put into question, she couldn't let this opportunity slip from her grasps. She hadn't had a lead for months and right now she was feeling a little desperate to find more artifacts like any kind weaponry, or other miscellaneous trinkets to show the advancement of her people's past.

Plus even if he didn't have the location or he lied, Blake would still take him down in the ring. Thus giving her another win under her belt and some more gold coin to make her a whole lot richer to pay for some answers if Oobleck or any other archeologists have some clues around the taverns.

"Honestly, I'd like to see more of a challenge with this guy. But I have a feeling I'll still be disappointed at the end of the day." With that said, she would except his challenge and be here in the next two weeks. Besides she needed to be here anyways for her sixth win in a row anyways.

Might as well make it an easy victory.

After that thought though, her body felt a slight pulse of heat go down to her core, her golden colored eyes wincing as she felt her cheeks get a slight blush and her body panting in slight exhaustion.

"Well... that's if my heat doesn't get in my way anyways." She muttered out as her arousal reared its ugly head once again, remembering where she left off. Blake went to excuse herself to one of the rest rooms with the beds in it.

Reaching down towards her crotch, her hand rubbed her moistening slit. When she brought her hand back up, her arousal fluid was webbed to her hand in a sticky bunch. Her body felt the warm pulses of arousal come back even stronger than before, her eyes now glossed over in her own lust. Her hands now having a mind of their own as one was fondling her large breast and the other going back down to rub her soddening puss*.

Blake couldn't control it this time, as her body stumbled towards the resting bed on the ground, her fit figure hitting the bed with her on her back. Her breath coming out in hot gasps and needy whines that screamed desperate. It seemed this wasn't a session she could just ignore.

Which was a crying shame, she wanted to watch Weiss and Yang win their matches and celebrate a little later. But this heat was starting to bloom all over her body, feeling it from her head to her toes.

"~Ah... This is so embarrassing." She panted out. "But... I can't... help myself." The rapturous pleasure was so good as she pinched her right nipple with one hand, while the other was rubbing sensual circles on her sensitive pearl.

She needed to relieve herself of this tension for a bit.

"Maybe if I... Oh god yes!~" Hitting a sweet bundle of nerves and focusing on that area, her body heating up as she continued to rub and twist her sensitive spots.

"I'm sure my friends wouldn't mind me taking care of this for now."She thought as all thoughts of everything else lost meaning as she went to subdue her urges the best way she could.

Blake was just hoping that the medicine that she would pick up from her druid friend would nullify this heat, because of this is just a taste of the season, she definitely was dreading the full effect of being completely in heat.

(Salem's Lovebox Balcony)

Emerald returned to her fellow Succubus sister's side, with her mother sitting on her throne once more. Sighing out in pleasure from the previous sexual encounter with Brutus and the purple haired elf woman. The bout of raw, primal breeding giving the pale Succubus queen

"Cinder, I have delivered the message to the Belladonna woman." Emerald reported.

"Excellent work sister." The raven haired succubus praised, moving a strand of her beautiful inky black hair out of her face. "Now all we have to wait for is Neo to report back with the cute little knight's answer and then my wonderful plan will be set in motion." However the green haired demon girl was a bit confused to her sister's plan.

"Cinder, if I may be so bold to ask." Emerald looked at her Succubus sister in question. "Why did you choose this guy?" In which set off the raven haired demon girl in a fit of giggles.

"Oh sweet sister you wouldn't understand~" Cinder started to swoon, clasping her hands together and sighing in a smokey sexy sigh. "You know the first time I saw that blond mop of hair, I was going to eat him up." Giving her sister a saucy smirk.

"Him?! Why?" Now Emerald was really confused.

"Hmmm..." Cinder put a black colored nail to her chin in fake thought before giving her answer. "Well while he was absolute wimp in the fighting arena and absolutely pathetic, I saw an energy in his body that was flowing thought him in droves, an energy that would fulfill my hunger for years to come. It was brimming off of him so much it was like a mother of all magic spells being used on me." Cinder said, "I have seen this energy before in other men and woman before and its definitely a treat when I get to sink my claws into it." Emerald was starting to catch on to what her sister meant.

"You mean he's a..."

"Yes... he's a virgin." He whispered out sensually, Cinder groaning out in frustration. "I was soooo close to just chasing after him and eating him up for all of that energy. I was gonna f*ck him until he was nothing but a bone dry husk, and I know how I was going to do it too." Yes, Cinder knew his type. The noble knight type always went for the fair, helpless maiden. The one that was beautiful and cute at the same time, she knew that if she transformed into one and talked to him about being his one and only, give him the attention that he needed after his loss and a flutter of her eyes...

That blond would be putty in her hands, she would of rode his co*ck like a bucking bronco and sending the virgin to another world. The sexual energy off of him would of filled her for years, making her feel like a succubus goddess.

But alas, she had missed her chance all of those months ago to suck him dry, once he had been defeated he had left immediately and she couldn't find the guy anywhere around the area.

Cinder wasn't one to give up easily though, she hadn't been around for 500 years and become an elder Succubus for nothing. So using her abundance of knowledge and her magical prowess she was able to find the young man and where he had been. Last that she heard from others, there was a knight rising in the ranks of the famed Order of Ozmis throughout the months. Going around to clear out monster hoards that have been attacking towns and other villages, all for the good of human kind.

The demon woman knew this was the kind of work that Jaune Arc would be doing, all for the good of humanity. While it was sort of revolting in her opinion that he was slaughtering monster kind, she had to admit that he was doing a good job in his battles, and couldn't help but admire that he was cleaning up the worst kind of trash like those horrible goblins and those detestable orcs. In her opinion those monsters were the worst and she never understood why her mother kept those scum in the arena.

But it was her rules so she couldn't really go against her on that order.

However hearing his latest feat definitely peaked her interest and initially what got her to pick the human knight. From what she heard there was a rumor going around that he and a couple of Ozmis knights were able to destabilize the work of an Lich King and its Necropolis of undead warriors thanks to his new fighting abilities. With him leading the charge to take down the lich named Thuscon, a powerful necromancer back in the dark ages that terrorize the Northern region of Remnant.

Now Liches weren't any joke, they were powerful creators that lead the army of the undead and kings were even more powerful. Having the skills of prior warriors under their belt when they passed on. So defeating one and a whole army of undead with a couple of knights was definitely an achievement worth mentioning and definitely worth Cinder's time.

Now she was using that same potential, the same knighted man to get back into her mother's good graces. With his rumored skills, she could see the blond man defeating Blake Belladonna without effort.

If her plan succeeded and her chosen warrior was to win against the feline warrior. Then not only would she be rewarded with sexual energy from their copulation.

But if she played her cards right... she could take some of that energy personally.

The thought made her lick her lips with her long pink tongue and her ember colored eyes to darken in arousal.

"Then why use him for the plan if you want him sister?" Emerald finally asked out loud.

"Because my sweet Emerald." Cinder said in a sweet, but sinister tone. Causing the green haired woman to freeze a little in fear.

"When the time comes to f*ck dearest Blake Belladonna..." The raven haired succubus trailed off before letting off a sexy sounding chuckle.

"I want to corrupt the virgin man, this conquest should be by my own hands. Lead him into the life of sex and pleasure and have him drown in it after all is said in done." Cinder finished.

The black haired succubus didn't notice it, but her mother was looking at her form with nothing but pride in her little girl. She truly is her successor if she was to truly perish.

Because if she were her, she would have done the exact same thing with a man like that.

The Lustful Colosseum - Chapter 1 - Irongiant9000 (2024)
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