The 10 Best Private Massage Therapists Near Me (Free Quotes) (2024)


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The 10 Best Private Massage Therapists Near Me (Free Quotes) (1)

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Clients agree: these therapists are highly rated for knowledge, experience, communication, and more.

Haydee’s Healing And Therapy 5.0(1)2 hires on Thervo5+ years in businessMario J. says, "I had Haydee's massage service on 9/25/20. It is a five-star service. My overall view is that this an excellent organization with excellent focus on customer service. The facility is clean and well organized. The masseuse was attentive and always checking on my comfort. It is obvious that the staff is very well trained. Overall, Haydee's provides a relaxing atmosphere and high quality professional service. I highly recommend Haydee's." Read moreEmotional Touch5.0(2)3 hires on Thervo14+ years in businessAngela B. says, "It was a great massage. Will book again " Read moreBarbara Carey, L.P.T.A., CMT Therapeutic Massage In Your Home5.0(2)6 hires on ThervoPansy C. says, "Did a thorough job from head to foot. Showed me exercises too. She was very professional. Brought all her equipment. What I liked best was I got the massage in the comfort of my home. I am recommending her to my friends." Read moreClara Spa Massage Care New on Thervo8+ years in businessI'm proud to call Studio City my home.With over 5 years of experience, I am a seasoned professional in the field of massage therapy.My primary aim is to provide each client with an unforgettable and satisfying experience.To book an appointment and experience the rejuvenating benefits of massage, kindly reach out to me via the provided phone number. 904-385-4358 Or via telegram @marf456Sergio’s Hair SalonNew on Thervo5+ years in businessmy work is professional above all things We just need to have good communication and everything is finebody massage hair cut wax everything related to body careI have 22 years of experience working at the service of people taking into account what coffee person has Totally different needs I have independent my peace It's the job to make you feel goodPure Serenity Therapeutics5.0(1)14+ years in businessDianna L. says, "Very Best. I love their Service." Read more715 Self RestoreNew on Thervo7+ years in business715 Self Restore offers a custom therapy style incorporating a balanced blend of Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, and myofascial release techniques. In addition, we work with special populations such as athletes, geriatric, injuries and pain management, prenatal and more. Corporate chair massage and spa parties are a great way to reward dedicated staff or celebrate loved ones! 715 Self Restore offers an array of mobile wellness services to calm the mind, heal the body, restore the soul....Travelling CMTNew on Thervo19+ years in businessHelping peoplePure Bliss Spa GlobalNew on Thervo5+ years in businessPURE BLISS Spa Global is a premier mobile spa service that has been providing rejuvenating and luxurious treatments since 2019. As a mobile service, we bring the spa experience directly to our clients, allowing them to unwind and indulge in the comforts of their own space.At PURE BLISS Spa Global, we believe that relaxation should be a regular part of everyone's self-care routine. Our team of skilled therapists offers a wide range of indulgent massage treatments, each designed to help clients relax, revive, and heal their bodies. Whether you're in need of deep tissue massage to release tension, Swedish massage to promote relaxation, or hot

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Recent success stories from people in the Ashburn area.

Aurora D.

Second time booking the services. Feeling Tension Free and Relaxed. I appreciate being listened to and the service provided was very professional. My time available is limited and he accommodated my extremely busy schedule. Will call again to re book for a future appointment.

Emotional Touch

Emotional Touch

Donnie H.

Satisfied coming to my homeFor full swished massage

Barbara Carey, L.P.T.A., CMT Therapeutic Massage in Your Home

Barbara Carey, L.P.T.A., CMT Therapeutic Massage in Your Home

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The 10 Best Private Massage Therapists Near Me (Free Quotes) (2024)
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