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Simply Nails and Spa is a premier nail salon located in Nashua, with a reputation for excellence in both service and skill. Their team of highly trained nail technicians are dedicated to ensuring every visit is top-notch and every service is performed with precision and care. The salon's relaxing atmosphere is the perfect complement to their exceptional customer service, making it a go-to destination for anyone in need of some pampering and high-quality nail care.

Customers of Simply Nails and Spa are given a diverse range of options when it comes to their nail treatments. The salon not only provides classic services such as manicures and pedicures, but also offers premium treatments that allow customers to select from a spectrum of styles, from the natural-looking to bold, statement-making looks. Regardless of the choice, the salon's team of expert professionals guarantees exceptional results for every client that comes in for their service.

At Simply Nails and Spa, patrons are treated to more than just a standard nail salon experience. It's a sanctuary of relaxation, where one can unwind and partake in an afternoon of self-care. Whether visiting alone or with friends, customer satisfaction is the top priority. The salon welcomes feedback to ensure that each and every visit is the optimal experience for everyone who walks through the door.

Simply Nails and Spa places the highest importance on the health and safety of both its customers and team members. To guarantee a safe and clean environment, the salon has established rigorous hygiene standards and protocols. All equipment and surfaces are regularly sanitized and disinfected to prevent the spread of any contaminants. The team members are well-trained in the use of personal protective equipment, ensuring that every visit is a secure and sanitary experience.

Making a reservation at Simply Nails and Spa is quick and effortless.Customers can choose from various methods such as calling the salon's dedicated phone number (603) 891-6245, or using the online booking system available on the salon is located at 310 Daniel Webster Hwy, in Nashua and visitors are welcome to drop by in person, to meet the team and take a tour of the facilities before making a reservation.

For a comprehensive overview of the services provided by Simply Nails and Spa, visit the salons official website at It has in-depth information about the various services, the salons team of experts and the premium quality products used in all the treatments.If you have any queries, remarks or feedbacks, feel free to contact the salon directly by giving them a call at (603) 891-6245.

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Simply Nails and Spa Services

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  • Waxing hair removal service

Nail Salon FAQs

  • How can a foot scrub during a pedicure benefit my skin?

    A foot scrub during a pedicure helps to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, leaving the skin smooth and refreshed. It also stimulates blood circulation, contributing to healthier, softer skin.

  • What types of nail services and treatments does Simply Nails and Spa in Nashua offer?

    Simply Nails and Spa offers a wide variety of nail services and treatments, including basic manicures and pedicures, gel and acrylic nails, nail art, and nail repair. They also provide additional treatments like paraffin wax treatments and hand and foot massages to enhance your experience.

  • Can I book multiple nail services for one visit at Simply Nails and Spa in Nashua?

    Absolutely, Simply Nails and Spa encourages clients to book multiple nail services in one visit for a comprehensive pampering experience. This not only saves time but also enhances the overall benefit of the salon visit.

  • Can I request a specific nail technician for my appointment?

    Yes, clients are welcome to request their preferred nail technician at Simply Nails and Spa, ensuring a personalized and comfortable experience.

  • What payment methods are accepted at Simply Nails and Spa in Nashua?

    Simply Nails and Spa accepts various payment methods, including cash, credit/debit cards, and digital payment options for the convenience of their clients.

  • How far in advance should I book my appointment at Simply Nails and Spa?

    It is recommended to book your appointment at Simply Nails and Spa in advance, especially during peak hours or for special events. This ensures availability and helps in better planning for your visit.


Simply Nails and Spa | Nail salon in Nashua, NH (1)

L. D.


This is the worst pedicure that I have ever received. First, the water was ice cold at the start and then barely lukewarm. Then they filed my skin on several of my toes. On top of that when the polish smudged they added top coat and said I should have gotten gel. When I got home I realized several toes were smudged and uneven. A day later my skin is raw and sore from where they file it. Wish I never stopped in.

Simply Nails and Spa | Nail salon in Nashua, NH (2)

Pinada R.


Jena is very sweet and gentle with a great personality! I asked my mom where she got her nails done, so she brought me and my husband to Pheasant Lane Mall. Came in as a walk-in, didn't have to wait as long (about 5 minutes) and Jena just went right to work.

Simply Nails and Spa | Nail salon in Nashua, NH (3)

Simply Nails and Spa | Nail salon in Nashua, NH (4)

Simply Nails and Spa | Nail salon in Nashua, NH (5)

Pietra D.


Poor service and they cut my cuticles multiple times. Not sure if they use new tools for each customer...

Simply Nails and Spa | Nail salon in Nashua, NH (6)

Lisa P.


I went in to get my nails painted. The wait was only about 10 minutes. No problem.After my manicure started... the tech said she would run my card now because it would be hard to do later with wet nails. Ok. She asked for a tip and I told her I'd tip when done. The nails turned out ok. Like maybe a 7 out of 10. I tipped in cash (even tho she was on the phone in her earbuds most of the time). Anyway, when I got home and checked my bank account, there were two line items for the same amount for this salon. The card was ran twice, perhaps by accident. I don't know. Now I have to call my credit card company to get it adjusted.

Simply Nails and Spa | Nail salon in Nashua, NH (7)

Tina S.


I am so disappointed. The nail tech rushed through the mani/pedi. I asked for the #2 pedi and didn't receive the massage or the top clear coat. The mani was rushed even more. The polish is uneven and the tips of the nails were not covered. She was being rushed to finish for the next customer so there was not adequate time for the polish to dry. I would not recommend this place to anyone, it's a waste of time and money.

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