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News Around fhe Dials Mets Seek a Home on Radio-TV however, that WOR-Radio has no By VAL ADAMS The New York Mets, who were just eliminated mathematically from any chance of winning this year's National Lea-rue pennant, also find the mathematical odds stacked plans for taking on the Mets. The major sponsor of the Mets on TV and radio is Rheingold st tnen: in netting a New ara beer, which is negotiating a contract with the baseball club for next season. The pattern has been for the advertiser to buv broadcasting rights and then in turn make a deal with stations, fll It was said that the Mets have put the burden on Rheingold to 4 York radio Nation t'" broadcast their games r.txt year. So far, there is no indication of any ra lio station here that is even cru-'lderinsr Mets framt-s. As for TV next" year.

WOR-TV (Ch. 9 1 reportedly is interested in ren- jr its contract but only under eruditions dictated by tit station. The 'i -t ri i'o station now serving1 i-ietronolitan area with the full s'he-h''e of Mets crames is WWIVJ in Hackcrsafk, X.J. several months WWPJ announced it would not carry th- Mets in The Mets schedule a'so is broadcast now by obtain a new radio station for next year. Bill Ryan bows out as anchor man of WOR-TV's nightly news ai'ter tonight's presentation.

Paul Bill Rvan Burl Ives Dandndge will fill in for two weeks and on Monday, Oct. 4, the osrram wid move to a new time p.m., with a new format and v. been beld up pe.nilinjr the finding of a radio station. When Grant was shout the possibility of the Mcs staying off TV if no radio station could he found, he "We'd hr.ve to decide that ihe time we come to it." There also has been a report in broadcasting circles that the Mets soug-ht to get their games on WOR-Radio, sister station of WOR-TV. Both are owned by RKO General.

It was reported, WXEC-FM snd WGU. P.abvlon. L.I. When M. Donald Grant, chairman of the Mets, was asked yesterday where Mets would go on radio next yeir, he "We are in tte middle of negotiations.

We think we will be in good shape. We think ce will get a station." There has been a rcoort that a TV deal for Mets pames has new anchorman, Tom Dunn Burl Ives, Art Johnson and Jon-j athan Winters have been set as hosts for three one-hour TV spe-j cials to be produced by Pasetta Productions James J. Kil-j patrick will offer a conservative view and Nicholas von Hoffman a liberal opinion on the same sub-jject when the two become regulars on CBS-TV's 60 Minutes, which begins Sunday at 6 p.m. 7:30 PMNFL GAME Or THE WEEK Thrilling highlights from last season's most exciting pro contests. PROGRAMS TODAY'S Highlights Circus; Bert Parks (Premiere).

NFL Game of the Week; Bob DeLaney (Season Premiere). 3 Chicago Teddy Bears (Premiere). The D.A.; Robert Conrad (Premiere). Baseball; Mets-Pirates. Baseball; Yankees-Indians.

3 0'Hara, United States Treasury; David Janssen (Premiere). TV Movie; "Once Upon a Dead Man," Rock Hudson (Premiere). 3 TV Movie; "Terror in the Sky" (Premiere). Monty Nash; Harry Guardino 7:30 p.m. 2 7: 3D p.m.

4 8:60 p.m. 2, p.m. 4 8:00 p.m. 9 8:00 p.m. 11 8:30 p.m.

2, 8:39 p.m. 4 9:33 p.m. 2, 13:30 p.m. 4 (Other outstanding programs in bold face) If STT I 8:00 PM i r. THED.A.

r- Producer Jack -Webb brings Hjf5 viewers a new fvff and authentic Sp series with ISf Robert PT Conrad. 8:30 PM "ONCE Mi -i upon IVS A DEAD 3- Rock Hudson XvMr. and Susan Saint f. James create --i lauhsand vSHm 'Vi suspense on this "NBC World XSMtW mSk5 ti Premiere -M i Movie" (a MM Preyiewof I v-ly-zi Ivory Rock's new i ''l NBC series). Ian.

Keith is smitten' by the beauty of a young girl (Season Premiere). 9:00 7, 8 ROOM 222; Lloyd Haynes, Burgess Meredith. A schooi board member donates a radio station to the school (Season Premiere). 13 EVENING AT POPS (R). 9:30 2,3 TV MOVIE; "TERROR IN THE SKY," Leif Erick-son, Doug McClure.

A passenger and a stewardess try to fly a plane when the pilot and copilot are poisoned (Premiere). 7,8 ODD COUPLE; Tony Randall, Jack Klugman. Oscar's pregnant niece visits him (Season Premiere). 10:00 5 News, Sports, Weather. 7, 8 LOVE, AMERICAN STYLE; Ken Berry, Carol Wayne, Michael Callan, ethers (Season Premiere).

13 REALITIES; "Prison" (R). 10:30 4 MONTY NASH; Harry Guardino, Don Gordon. Government investigator is assigned Jo deliver a witness against the syndicate to an investigating committee (Premiere). 11 News, Sports, Weather. 11:00 2 News, Sports, Weather.

4 News, Sports, Weather. 5 Alfred Hitchco*ck. 7 News, Sports, Weather. 9 Movie: "The College Girt Murders," Uschi 11:30 2 MERV GRIFFIN SHOW. 4 TONIGHT; Johnny Carson, Mickey Rooney, Robert Klein.

Martina Arroyo. 5 MOVIE: "ALEXANDER THE GREAT," Richard Burton, Fredric March. Biographical drama on the MORNING 6:30 2SUMMER SEMESTER; Astronaut Scctt Carpenter. 4 Education Exchange. 7:00 2, 3 News; John Hart 4 TODAY; Hugh Downs.

7 Listen and Learn. 7:15 11 News, Sports. Weather. 7:30 5 Three Stooges C3rtoons. 7 A.M.

NEW YORK. 9 News, Sports, Weather. 11 Pcpeye Cartoons. 8:00 2,3 Captain Kangaroo. 5 Bugs Bunny Cartoons.

9 Cartoon Carnival. 8:30 5 Wonder Fimi'es Cartccns. 9:00 2 Farmer's Daughter. 4 NOT FOR WOMEN ONLY. 7 Mm Trap; Harnel.

9 to 13 SESAME STREET. 9:30 4 PHIL DONAHUE SHOW, Rob Reiner. 5 Petticoat Junction. 7 Movie: 'Babette Gos to War." Erigitte ZviiK. Pry-Jrl Friendly Giait and Frwds.

11 In Se.v'ng. 9:40 11 Jack L3 Lame Sho. 1000 2 tu-v Shew: Ltrm 4 D'NAH'S PLACE; Gloria Stewart. 5 Vove: "Cieroke Strip," Richard 9 Pcom. I1 Dr 10:30 2 Evc-y HbiMies.

11 COUNCIL OF CHURCHES. 11:00 2 c-y A'frr; Kf th 4 sv o' th-. 7 Cvvrit TVIr 11 BLACi 11:30 2. 3 Love cf 4 Sq-Prs. 5 VM1.1-: Lee Levrd.

7. 9 That Girt: 11 Trressee Tutr-ii tco-i. AFTERNOON 1200 2 Where the r.e.n i 4 Joo-nsrdy; Art 7,8 Bewitched. V. Fe ix the i4i Cat too-is.

12:33 2. 3 Seah tor Tomcrro. 4 Who. What or Whr 7 8 Password; A Ladn. 11 Cra'ts With Kaf.

2 Ga'lcoirg GsunTveL 6 It's Your Bet. 5 "Doctor and Grt," Gieno 7 A Vy ChIorea. 9 Joe F-anklin Sh- 11 Voie Game: La 1 30 2. 3 As the Woi-Id TuT3. 4 Th-ee on a Match.

7. 3 Let's MaVe 3 Deal. It Cartipeiita! Miniatures. 2:00 2, 3 Many Splendored Thing. 4 Days of Our Lives.

7, 8 Newlywed Game. 9 Virginia Graham Show. Abbott and Costeiis. 2:30 2. 3 Light.

4 The Doctors. 7. Datirn Game. 11 PaUy Duka 3:00 Storm. 4 Arotrer Wod.

5 Casper Cartoon. 7. 3 General Hosp t.4. 9 Gigantor Cartoon, o-'-va C.vtoocs. 3 30 2 Ei cf 4 Bri Premise.

5 Super Heroes Cartcons. 7. 8 One Life to Live. U.vlrdcq Cartoons. 1i Magilia GoriHa Cartoons.

400 2 Gorier Py'e. Jim Nabors. Ssrarset, Serial, Bunry Cartoons. 7. 8 Love, American Style.

Tracv Ca, tooa. Is S5AME STREET. 4:30 2 MIKE DOUGLAS SHOW; David Steinberg. Jerry Vale. Robert Green.

Jim Fowler. 4 TV Movie: "Stranger on the Run," Henry Forda(R). 5 Lost in Soace. 7 MOVIE: "HIGH WIND JAMAICA." Anthony (Juinn. James Cobum.

Children are hid for ransom by pirates Mr. D.rtcon. 11 Gent'e Sen: Dennis Weaver. 5:00 9 SVippy: Fred Gitine. 13 Mister Roce-s.

5:30 5 Cartoon. 9 VM Don Adams. 11 Batman: Adam West. 13 Hcdafoodcie Loe. 21 SESAME STREET.

EVENING 5.00 2 fies, Soorts, Weather. 4 News, Sso'tj. Weather. 7 News. Soirts Weather.

9 I Spy: B'i: Cosby. 11 Star Trek; Shatter. 13 SESAME STREET. (39 5 Petticoat Junction. 7:00 2 Wa.tr Cronkite.

4 News; John Chancellor. 5 I Love L'jcy; Lucilie Bail. 7 News; Smith-Reasoner. 9 What's My Line. 11 I Dream or Jeannie.

13 RAINBOW OUEST (R). 7:30 2 CIRCUS; Sert Parks, host Series originating in nujor ci'cus centers with t-iiS b-oadcast on the stars of the Savk Circus (Premiere). 4 NFL GAME OF THE WEEK: Bob DeLaney (Season Premiere). 5 Hcoan's Heroes. 7 LET'S MAKE A DEAL (Season Pre mere).

9 News, Sports, Weather. 1i Ail About Faces. 8:00 2, 3 CHICAGO TEDDY EEAR3; Dean Jones. Art Metrano. Owners cf a speakeasy Ly to keep an underworld sang leader from hiring away the club's orchestra (Premiere).

4 THE D.A.; Rcoett Conrad, Harry Morgan. During a homicide tr.al a deputy d.strict attorney ar.d his fccjs try to introduce a confession that as held as inadmissable(Premiere). 5 Truth or Consequences. 7, 8 BRADY BUNCH: Robert Reed. Florence Henderson Part 1) (Season Premiere).


Eric Braeden. Agents attempt to catch smuoo'ers (Premiere). 4 TV MOVIE; "ONCE UPCfi A DEAD MAN." Rodt Hudson. Susan Saint James. Police commissioner becomes more involved than he had planned at Hs wife's charity auction (Premier.

5 DAVID FROST SHOW; Art Carney, Jack Lowe, others (Season 7, 8 PARTRIDGE FAMILY; David Cassidy, Robyn Mil- I the life of Alexander the Great 1 1956 DICK CAVETT SHOW; Rod Serling. MOVIE: "GREEN FOR DANGER." Trevor Howard. Sally Grey. Murder stalks the corridors of a hospital (1V7). 1:00 7 Movie: "Airborne," Bobby Diamond.

9 Joe Franklin Show. II News, Sports. Weather. 1:10 2 Movie: "Against AH Flags, Frrol 4 Movie: "Co en i a I Agent," Charles Buyer. 110 5 Sea Hunt.

10:30 PMMONTY NASH Rugged-looking, no-nonsense Harry Guardino portrays a special investigator whose missions may take him from high society to city slum. CHANNEL NUMSEIS WCBS 2 WPIX 11 WTiC 3 WNET 13 WNBC 4 WUW 21 WNEW WNY 25 WABC 7 WNTC 31 WTNH 8 WXTV 41 WOR 9 WNJU 47.

Daily News from New York, New York (2024)
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